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Bear Grylls and BG Paramotor by Parajet


If like me, you’ve always dreamed of soaring freely like a bird and cavorting among the clouds, then paramotoring may be the flying fix you need.

The Bear Grylls Paramotor is the latest development in personal aviation combining the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight. Classed as a foot-launched aircraft you require no pilots license and with a short take-off and landing capability, open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches are your runways of choice.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Bear Grylls Paramotor is the most compact and easily transportable aircraft available, and once dismantled can be placed into a large travel case or the trunk of your car, allowing you to take it wherever your adventure leads.

So get ready to do something extraordinary; something that will enhance your life; that empowers you to find a spirit for adventure; to experience the world from a totally unique and breathtaking perspective.

Happy Flying!

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Bear Grylls

Listen to Bear talk about the Bear Grylls paramotor by Parajet

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learn to fly

Learning to fly the BG Paramotor is safe, easy and enormously good fun. BG paramotor training is carried out at one of my Bear Grylls Accredited Flight Academies with its handpicked team of highly experienced instructors.

The training syllabus is progressive with the majority of students completing full training within a 10 day course. Young or old you needn’t think it’s too difficult either; the techniques are easy to pick up and you’ll see yourself improve quickly, keeping those enthusiasm levels high. Once you have mastered the basic skills of ‘kiting’ the paraglider, the steps to getting into the air are straightforward. Paramotoring requires a level of physical activity but all levels of fitness should be able to cope with the short take-off and landing runs once correct technique has been learnt. Typically, you can expect to be taking your first solo BG paramotor flight around the third day of training.

So, why not challenge yourself to learn something new, exciting and fun? Just go for it. You only regret the things you didn’t do.

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Bear Grylls during GKN Mission Everest


Over the 10 years that I have been a pilot my paramotor has given me many breathtaking and inspiring experiences that have enrich my life. Nothing beats that sense of freedom and calm when flying amongst the clouds and taking in the vast landscape below.

In contrast, my innate desire to defy convention and to push the boundaries of human endeavour has taken me on adventures to various different countries and continents; to vastly different types of climate and to extreme altitudes. From the remote jungle plateau in Venezuela, to the record-breaking heights above Everest and the harsh wilderness of the Antarctica, paramotoring has given me the chance to explore some of the world's most remote regions.

Getting outside and exploring the world around us is so important to our generation and everyone can share the same rewarding experiences and a sense of pride and achievement that I get every time I take-off - that is the real magic of paramotoring.

Just go for it. You only regret the things you didn’t do.

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BG Paramotor - Adventurer Package
  • The ultimate flight package for those that share my passion and drive for adventure. Everything you will need to get you up in the air and flying.
  • Complete flight training at an accredited BG Paramotor Flight Academy
  • Exclusive BG Paramotor & Paraglider with unique colour scheme
  • Full set of BG Paramotor accessories inc. Prop Covers, Chassis Bag, Hydration System and more...
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BG Paramotor - Title Package
  • Already fly a paramotor? Then this is the right package for you. Fly the BG Paramotor with its awesome in-flight manoeuvrability that feels like an extension of your body. The perfect flying experience.
  • For existing paramotor pilots only
  • Exclusive BG Paramotor & Paraglider with unique colour scheme
  • Requires proof of flight training with a qualified paramotor instructor
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